Where Do You Belong?

Where do you belong?

We all come from somewhere. We’ve had unique life experiences. We are going in different directions. We may feel that we belong in one place, in many places, or nowhere.

Ethnicity, ancestry, gender, age, sexuality, marital status, political orientation, religion, musical taste, and so many other things shape our sense of belonging—in a place or in a group—that it is often as layered and complicated as our identities.

As a public provincial museum, the Royal Ontario Museum belongs to the people of Ontario, of Canada, and of the world. So, we are asking you to create our next display!

Show us where you belong, and we'll display it at the ROM!

Extended! You can now show us where you belong and have it displayed in the gallery until March 22. 

See where others belong in our online gallery!

How to Participate

STEP #1: Take a photo

Show us where you belong, what makes you feel comfortable, what makes you feel like you.

This is an evolving project created by the diverse communities that visit the ROM. We want it to be as interesting as you are! The more entries we get, the more it will represent you. So, snap away!

Camera shy?
No problem. We’d love to hear what you have to say. Send us an email or write us a note.

Feeling creative?
Express yourself however you like! Videos, audio, or drawings are welcome too. But please note only still images and written submissions can be printed for display.

STEP #2: Send it in

Fill out the submission form and submit your entry.

Send it

Or attach your entry to an email and send it to belong@rom.on.ca.

STEP #3: Come see what you created (for FREE)!

The ROM is creating a display out of all the entries we receive.* When your submission has been posted in the gallery, we’ll let you know by sending an email to the address you provided, along with a free ticket.** 

*Please note only still images and written submissions can be printed for display.
**Multiple submissions are welcome, but only one free ticket will be given per email address.


Silvia Forni

Curator (African Arts and Cultures)