Toronto Underfoot | Level 1

  • Black and white photo of broken pot that has been reassembled to show the shape and detail.
    Tiny Late Woodland Ceramic Vessel, donated in 1949 by the Dunn family, reconstructed by the Dunn family prior to donation.
  • Black and white image of beads.
    String of beads collected in 1884, at Baby Point, near Toronto's Humber river. Can you spot the dark round glass bead with the white swirls near the middle? It may have been made in north Italy c.1540!
  • Rectangular metal shape with raised ornamental details
    Copper Axe, approx 5000 years old, found at Avenue Road and Bedford Park, 30 cm below the surface. The ROM paid $4.50 for this and another artifact in 1933!
  • A smooth long object shaped like a bird.
    Found on Quinn [Gwynne] farm, Dufferin St, Toronto, sometime before 1896. 1 of 5 birdstones from Toronto!
  • A pointed arrowhead.
    One of our oldest confirmed artifact from Toronto (though we have a 10,000 year old Holcombe point found near Bathurst & Eglinton). This is a Laurentian Slate Point approximately 7000 years old from Withrow Ave.

Level 1, Daphne Cockwell Gallery of Canada: First Peoples

Do you know what lies beneath your feet? Toronto Underfoot takes objects from the ROM's outstanding Ontario archaeology collection and reveals layer upon layer of the rich history of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Each unique object tells an intriguing story of our past, exposing a meaningful connection between our city's remarkable past and exciting present. 

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April Hawkins

New World Archaeology Technician


Comment by Bruce Glassfoird

I did a series of short columns on the Baby Point (Taiaiagon) area as the newsletter editor for the Baby Point Club you might find interesting. I'll be attending your talk on March 26th. Will you be showing the axes tied with a tithe found on Baby Point? Gory but fascinating.


Comment by Anastasia

Good morning to you! I have made an exhaustive search to find someone to contact about two clay oil lamps found intact in the etobicoke creek. I would like to send you an email of the pictures as soon as possible.