Past Exhibitions

The Royal Ontario Museum and The Institute for Contemporary Culture at the ROM celebrate the XVI
Carlos Garaicoa is one of Cuba’s leading contemporary artists.
Viva Italia! Learn how the passione got into Pucci, the bella into Bul
A fascinating exploration of Buddhist and Daoist deities.
The legacy of legendary French artist René Lalique is captured in this display of beautiful glass creations.
Discover a magnificent cache of long-hidden golden treasures from the Sicán civilization.
Over 250 miniature worlds of brilliant colour and style are featured in this exhibition of specta
Discover an exploration of time and history from the perspective of Hiroshi Sugimoto, one of the most internationally acclaimed contemporary artists.
Imagine a world of flamboyant kabuki actors, unnerving ghosts, and graceful geisha clad in the fi
Catch a rare glimpse of The Black Star of Queensland, one of the largest gem quality sapphires in
Welcome to the pre-computer era: the discovery of QWERTY keyboards, carriage returns and black ribbon.
Journey into the lives and landscape of the people of Darfur, Sudan, in this extraordinary multim
From coast to coast, collectors and museums from across Canada contribute exceptional pieces from
The interiors of the ROM’s lobby are the canvas for Canadian artist Charles Pachter’s
Incorporating evocative objects from the Museum's collections, this thought-provoking exhibit
For hundreds of years, traders have endured hostile deserts, perilous mountains and treacherous s
The ROM celebrates Black History Month 2008 with two new exhibits, The Ontario Bicentenary Exhibi
The most in-depth exhibition ever mounted on Charles Darwin!
Out from Under: Disability, History and Things to Remember explores the history of disab
Shanghai 1860-1949 presents eighty historical photographs that document Shanghai’s architecture, inhabitants and way of life.
This unprecedented view of one of the world’s most dynamic cities examines Shanghai as a la
The bold rhythms found in the African drum, steel pan, jazz, gospel and more are celebrated on ca
ICC in Partnership with the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival: Future Projections
 No other gem has captured the world’s imagination quite like the diamond.
The Institute for Contemporary Culture, in partnership with the Toronto Society of Architects (TS
One hundred years ago a discovery was made that drastically changed our view of the history of li
This exhibition highlights a group of magnificent Chinese paintings selected from the Mactaggart
Journey to the afterlife through the mystical Book of the Dead of Amen-em-hat.
This contemporary art installation examines the 2001 destruction of the colossal 5th century Buddhas of the Bamiyan Valley in central Afghanistan by the Taliban, and the subsequent years of war and rebuilding.
Since their discovery in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls have rarely toured in order to preserve the fragile parchment. This original ROM exhibition includes rarely and never-before-seen Scrolls, as well as extraordinary 2,000-year-old artifacts of the period.
Celebrate African-Canadian heritage through a captivating collection of 50 works of art created by 25 artists inspired by cultures from around the world.
From the 9th to 17th centuries, the people of Zabid—a city at the south end of the Arabian Peninsula—enjoyed an upscale urban life.
The Institute for Contemporary Culture (ICC) and the Koffler Centre of the Arts proudly present Margins at the Royal Ontario Museum, concurrently with Dead Sea Scrolls: Words that Changed the World.
Hamra Abbas’ versatile artistic practice straddles a wide range of media, from paper collage and painting to ephemeral soft Plasticine sculpture and video.
World premiere of three short films among a series written by and starring internationally-known actress and filmmaker Isabella Rossellini.
Nigel Dickson is an international award-winning photographer whose work has been published over the past thirty years in numerous magazines.
Vanity Fair Portraits brings together a star-studded array of almost 150 iconic photographs from both its vintage period and modern periods.
A rare opportunity to stand in the presence of some of the most powerful words ever written.
The Sir Christopher Ondaatje South Asian Gallery hosts a special temporary display of two life-size portraits of historical kings of the state of Punjab in north-western India.
Learn to spot the differences between fakes and real artifacts that run the gamut from Natural History and World Cultures, to modern designer brands in this fascinating, interactive exhibition.
In this unique new exhibition, creative agency Motherbrand explores the idea of creative reuse, recycling and upscaling in Canadian design.
Toronto physician Dr. Mark Nowaczynski captures the lives of his patients in a poignant series of photo essays. 
In 1974, farmers in northern China accidentally unearthed fragments of a terracotta figure - the
On display during and after the Scotiabank Caribana Festival, the exhibition represents the largest single juried display of works of art by African Canadian artists.
A tiny diorama, created by artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, presents an unsettling suburban scene for visitors to explore.
The exhibition includes over 60 pieces of Anatsui's work including drawings, paintings, wood, ceramics and metal sculptures.
An examination of one of the most important subjects of our time, by one of the most respected and recognized contemporary photographers in the World.
A stunning array of vintage Bollywood cinema showcards and other forms of film advertising has been assembled for the first time in Canada.
Extraordinary treasures of Sumer, Assyria & Babylon from the British Museum.   
Take a photographic journey, experiencing the landscapes, seascapes and people that have escaped the destructive reach of modern society.
See the Doodle 4 Google Canada finalists at the ROM.
Experience the power of science and art with the premiere of Carbon 14: Climate is Culture at the ROM.
North American premiere, as part of the Luminato Festival 2013.
This arresting exhibition brings together recent work by two acclaimed Magnum photographers exploring the ongoing armed conflict in Afghanistan.
“Forget about the dinosaurs you know…  this is a whole new breed of beast”
Developed by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Extended until February 9, 2014.
The ROM goes BIG with fashion and textiles
The art of music; the music of art
This new exhibition presents one hundred photographic prints made from original negatives abandoned by the Khmer Rouge at the notorious S-21 secret prison in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
The spirit of the Caribbean blazes to life through awe-inspiring costumes with a strong connection to community and history
Stories of the War of 1812 and its aftermath from a First Nations perspective
These rarely-seen objects are distinguished by craftsmanship, ingenuity and extraordinary skill 
Photographs documenting historically significant sites of the War of 1812 also commemorate much more
Over 100 examples of the finest in European and American decorative arts.
The first major North American exhibition of Dayal's work opens April 20.
Portrait of the elderly Master Jing
Portraits of the finest quality from the ROM’s Chinese collection
Etching of Uncle Waish-ky's Lodge at Sault Ste Marie
CLOSED Explore how three 19th century women artists addressed and articulated their own Canadian experiences.
Image: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies: Remarkable Fossils from South Africa
A rare opportunity to see real dinosaur eggs and babies!
The Forbidden City exhibition image
Presented by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation; Lead Sponsor Manulife On now for a limited time
Textile reproduction of a fly.
Textile interpretations of some of our most iconic objects
Photo exploration of the Royal Ontario Museum created by Michael Awad.
Explore every linear foot of the ROM, revealed like never before, in this intriguing exhibition.
Luohan Figure (glazed earthenware), Lio - Jin Dynasty, China, 11th century
An exploration into some of the founding donors who helped build the ROM’s Asian Collections and foster our long standing relationship with cultural China.
Fashion Follows Form: Designs for Sitting
Izzy Camillieri and the ROM turn clothing design on its head as we explore fashion inspired by function.
Ancient textile with inscription "Victory from Allah to the servant of Allah"
A rare glimpse at archaeological textiles and costumes.
See portraits of Sir Edmund, the ROM's first chairman, and his wife, Lady Walker.
Genizot presents new work from internationally acclaimed author and artist Bernice Eisenstein
Specially Priced Exhibition
Where do you belong?
We all come from somewhere. We’ve had unique life experiences. We are going in different directions. We may feel that we belong in one place, in many places, or nowhere.