ROM ARTifacts | Level 1

The large hanging mobile consists of a collection of triangular flags adourned with textile represenations of objects from the ROM's collections.

Open until March 29, 2015

Canada Court, Level 1

On view during the ROM’s centennial year, the ROM100 Mobile features textile interpretations of some of our most iconic objects. The Friends of Textiles and Costume, a group of committed and passionate volunteers, set about creating 78 one-of-a-kind reproductions of everything from an ancient Chinese emperor’s robe to a bust of Roman emperor, from Bull the Rhino to a favourite wasp. This large scale installation, designed with the aid of Ralph Neal and Jonathan Neal of Upper Canada Design House Lt., consists of twelve themed panels. 

Materials generously donated by:
Alendale Fabrics Ltd.  

Savvy Drapery Installations Inc. 
George N. Jackson Ltd. 

Friends of Textiles and Costume Centennial Project

Centennial Government Partners

OntarioOCAF: Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund