Listen to the Night: Bats of Ontario


Get up close and personal with these misunderstood mammals!

This exhibition explores the elusive creatures that fly around in the Ontario night, intriguing for their mysterious combination of bird-and mammal-like qualities. Objects of human fascination, bats have inhabited the night skies for more than 50 million years. This exhibition looks at the reality of these creatures—the truth behind the myths and fables that have evolved in the human imagination for centuries.

The exhibition explores the diversity of species in Ontario, their hibernation and roosting habits, studies flight patterns as well as bats' fascinating use of echolocation. It also examines health and conservation issues, and current research activities into bat behaviour.

Topics covered:

  • Diversity
  • Health
  • Hibernation
  • Summer Roosts
  • Cave Roosts
  • Attic Roosts
  • Tree Roosting
  • Flight
  • Senses
  • Echolocation
  • Conservation
  • Current Research
Grade Curriculum Relevance



Grade 1

Earth and Space Systems: Daily and Seasonal Cycles

Grade 2

Life Systems: Growth and Changes in Animals

Grade 4

Life Systems: Habitats and Communities

Grade 6

Life Systems: Diversity of Living Things

Grade 7

Life Systems: Interactions Within Ecosystems

Grade 9-10


Grade 11-12


Grade 12



  • 4 display cases 183 x 77 x 77 cm (72 x 30 x 30 in)
  • 7 interpretive panels and bases 184 x 61 cm (6 x 2 ft)
  • Shipping crate 97 x 64 x 191 cm (38 x 25 x 75 in)

Space required: 47 square metres (500 square feet)

Weight: 363 kg (1,300 lbs)

Supplementary materials: Exhibition posters, exhibition/installation manual, bibliographic references and resources

Booking period: 8 weeks

Fee for 2014 rentals: $750 plus shipping costs