Arts of China


Do you ever wonder about the significance of the Chinese dragon? This and other questions are answered in Arts of China.

Chinese history, culture and classic traditions come to life through the exploration of three materials closely associated with China—jade, bronze and ceramics. Six themed cases display artifacts from the ROM's world-renowned collection. All text for this exhibition is presented in English, French, and Chinese, giving Arts of China true multicultural appeal.

This exhibition is accompanied by an intriguing EduKit, to engage visitors in ancient Chinese culture and the fascinating arts produced by its people. Through a variety of hands-on activities, artifacts and replicas, visitors can explore Chinese dynasties, the development of their intricate writing, ancient symbols of power, innovative technological creations, as well as how bronze, jade and porcelain were made and their impact on the Western world.

Topics covered

  • Technical aspects of how jade, ceramic and bronze objects were made
  • The meaning of jade and bronze objects in Chinese culture, and the materials’ influence on the daily life
  • The use of decoration on everyday objects and its meaning
  • Symbolism in Chinese art
  • Importance of stoneware and porcelain to China’s overseas customers
Grade Curriculum Relevance



Grades 1 - 8

Visual Arts
Drama and Dance
Language: Oral & Visual Communication

Grade 1

Matter and Materials: Characteristics of Objects and Properties of Materials

Grade 2

Heritage and Citizenship: Traditions and Celebrations
Canada and World Connections: Features of Communities around the World

Grade 4

Earth and Space Systems

Grade 5

Matter and Materials: Properties of and Changes in Matter
Heritage and Citizenship: Early Civilizations

Grade 7

Matter and Materials: Pure Substances and Mixtures

Grade 9-12

Visual Arts
Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology
World Religions: Beliefs and Daily Life


  • 6 display cases 183 x 77 x 77 cm (72 x 30 x 30 in)
  • 6 graphic banners
  • Text panels
  • Shipping crate 81 x 176 x 51 cm (31.75 x 69.25 x 19.75 in)

Space required: Approximately 75 square metres (800 square feet)

Weight: 771 kg (1700 lbs)

Supplementary materials: The exhibition is complemented by an educational kit containing hands-on objects, student activity booklets, teachers’ notes, class worksheets and other resource materials.

Booking period: 8 weeks

Fee for 2014 rentals: $1600 plus shipping cost