ROM Magazine presents "Mysteries from the Vaults"

Test your skills!



QUESTION #1: Identify this object from the photo below:


QUESTION #2: What is the name for this “type” of vessel from Peru?

Below you will see our mystery object and another vessel of the same 'type" on the right.
Hint: notice the “strap” from the mystery figure’s head to the spout, what is this “strap” called? This type of vessel occurs only in pre-contact Peru.

Photograph of the artifact with a clue.

QUESTION #3: What is the gender of this vessel and who/what does the figure on the back represent?

Below you will see an image of the back of our mystery object. The figure on the back of this vessel is a recognizable figure on Nazca objects. Who/what is this figure?



*Video answers for QUESTIONS #2 & #3 from ROM Curator Dr. Justin Jennings here: 


QUESTION #4: What type of photography was used to capture this object in 3-D?

In this final video PhD student Giles Morrow explains (*ANSWERS!) the process of capturing this artifact in 3-D:

AND if you would like to interact with the results of his work on the mystery object in 3-D, click 3D INTERACTIVE!


The contest is now closed. Thanks to all those who participated! 


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