Layer Five - The privy pit

A copper, 1890 Canadian penny.
A Canadian coin stamped with the date 1890, the year it was made was uncovered in layer 5.  
Pieces of wheatsheaf moulded ware were also found in layer 5.  The maker's mark on the bottom of one of the sherds reads "J. and G. Meakin".  In the 19th century J. & G. Meakin exported large quantities of affordable ironstone china, which it produced for the domestic English markets and for export to Canada,  Australia and the United States. Wheatsheaf patterned plates made by J. and G. Meakin were sold by the T. Eaton Company from 1897 through 1904.  This gives us a date of after 1890 for the items in this layer. (Keep in mind that although the coin was minted in 1890, it could 
have been dropped there any time after that date).

An ironstone, wheatsheaf moulded plate.