ROM Friday Night Live - Fall 2014

ROM Friday Night Live - Fall 2014

ROM Friday Night Live - Fall 2014

The city's most unique social destination returns with eclectic eats, drinks, DJs, dancing, live music and unexpected experiences. We switch it up so every event brings new surprises!

Join us Friday nights from October 10 to November 28, 7-11 PM

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Adults $12 | Students & Seniors $10 | ROM Members FREE.

#FNLROM  @ROMtoronto

#FNLROM All-Access Contest

Jump the line at Friday Night Live! Share a photo from last season of #FNLROM to be entered in a contest for a ROM Social Membership and to take over the Museum's Instagram account on October 10th. Best #FNLROM photo WINS! 

Tickets - What you need to know 

  • We sell "early-bird" tickets online, and the rest at the door starting at 7 pm. 
  • Entrance is guaranteed to early-bird ticket holders before 8 pm. After 8 pm, all entrance is based on capacity.
  • Early-bird ticket holders: join the "GOT'EM" line to the west of the entrance.
  • Wanna be a star? Chances are you will! By entering the ROM Friday Night Live premises you consent to having your image captured and displayed for promotional and/or documentary use.

ROM Members (and guests) entering the party before 8 pm can join the ticket holders' line (look for the "GOT'EM" sign) and staff will print tickets for you at the Members' Desk. Arriving later? Reserve and print early-bird tickets at home and join the ticket holders' line. (Entrance after 8 pm is based on capacity.) You may bring as many guests as your membership level is entitled to. ROM Members must present their Membership card along with their valid ID (see below), and must accompany their guests into the Museum.

The fine print: ROM general admission tickets are not valid for FNL. FNL is a specially ticketed event for adults 19+ only and you will be asked for valid ID (government-issued, not yet expired, with photo and date of birth). For those who prefer a close relationship with their bag, please note that bags are subject to inspection and you may be requested to check them - the good news is, it's free.

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Comment by Lead Concierge

We have parking vouchers to give but the discount may not apply to the evening flat rate.  You can verify with the Parking Authority, City of Toronto.

Comment by Alex

I am trying to purchase tickets for the May 30th FNL and keep getting the following error message: "CREDIT CARD PAYMENT NOT APPROVED] Sorry, an error occurred while processing your order. If you were paying with a credit card, please contact customer service to see if any charges were applied. If you would like to submit your request again, please close your browser and restart your transaction.
Error Code: 21"

I make online purchases all the time so my information is not incorrect. Is something off with your system?

Comment by Lead Concierge

The website has been working properly.  Error code 21 means that the contact information you entered does not match what your credit card company has on file for you.  Please contact your credit card company to update your contact information. 


Comment by Nick

Will you be able to scan the tickets off of my phone or do I need to print them?

Comment by sarah

Is there a way to get a refund or use my ticket that's for today, next week? I have an emergency so I can't go tonight...Thank you.

Comment by vanessa

hi there. I either deleted my email ticket (by accident) or didn't get one. can I get it resent to my email? I also thought I wrote down the confirmation number, but it turns out I didn't. please help - thanks!

Comment by Linda

Hello! Is there a common age range for the participants? I'm in an age range from middle age to old age so was wondering. Thanks.

Comment by Lead Concierge

There are a variety of age groups that attend.  Anyone 19 years of age and over is welcome.

Comment by Jamie

I have tried a few times over the past week to purchase tickets but it says an error has occurred.. are the events sold out?

Comment by Lead Concierge

The advance tickets for tomorrow's FNL (May 16) are booked up.  Tickets will be available at the door.  The other dates for FNL still have advance tickets which you can purchase online.

Comment by Bev

Can I buy tickets at the door for my friends (even though they will be coming later), or does everyone have to purchase their own ticket?

Comment by Lead Concierge

You can buy tickets for your friends.  But we only guarantee entrance to ticket holders who arrive by 9pm.  If your friends arrive later, they may not get into the event and there are no refunds on the tickets.

Comment by Mike

How much are tickets at the door tonight? What's a good time to come to avoid more the 20 min lineup?

Comment by Lead Concierge

Tickets at the door are $12 per adult, $10 per senior and student.  The doors open at 7pm for ticket sales.  Try to arrive by 7pm or even a little earlier to avoid a long line up. 

Comment by E

Hi! I really enjoyed the food options at the last FNL I attended. My friend's a chef at a cool restaurant and he wants to participate. How does that work? Is there someone specific he can contact for the next round of FNLs? I assume this session's full...Thanks in advance!

Comment by Lead Concierge

Hello E, please send us an email to with your personal contact information and we will put you in contact with our Hospitality Department.

Comment by StellaR

Hello, do you have program for Fall already? I'd like to add events to the social calendar for our non-profit organization (1000+ members). Our members are interested in Halloween party in ROM! Thank you.

Comment by Lead Concierge

Information on programming in the fall will be available on the website once it is confirmed.   I suggets checking our website in the late summer/early fall for updates.

Comment by Carmen Lam

Hi, I'm trying to buy tickets for May 23, 2014 and the option doesn't allow me to. Is there someone I can call to buy tickets?

Comment by Lead Concierge

Once early bird tickets are fully booked on a particular day, the option will no longer be available.  After that tickets are sold only online on the day of the event as of 7:00 pm.

Comment by Camilla

Hi there,

I have a ROM social membership but forgot to reserve early bird tickets for tomorrow's FNL. What line do I go into and by what time do I get free guaranteed entry? (I won't forget my membership card!)

Comment by Lead Concierge

If you haven't reserved early bird tickets there is no guaranteed entry since remaining tickets are available on a first-come first-served basis.  I would encourage arriving as early as possible to join the line for tickets.

Comment by Adriana Palmeri

Are there any summer Friday Night Live events in July and August?


Comment by Lead Concierge

Friday Night Live will not run during the summer months.  The final event of this season will be on June 27.

Comment by Lead Concierge

For up to date information on available dates for early bird tickets you can click the Buy Tickets button on this webpage.  Once early bird tickets are no longer available online, tickets are available at the door on the day of the FNL event as of 7:00 pm.

Comment by Vanessa

The student ticket has an age range from 19-25. I am a student but over 25...can I still purchase the student ticket?

Comment by Lead Concierge

The student price is only applicable if you are under 25 with a valid student I.D.

Comment by christina

In the FNL ROM, can i just take a tour to see the exhibitions that can be seen in the daytime?

Comment by Lead Concierge

During FNL ROM the museum's permanent galleries are open until 11 pm.  The Forbidden City exhibition is not available during FNL.

Comment by John

For this Friday's event on May 30, can we buy tickets online on May 30th (day of) starting at 7pm?

Comment by Lead Concierge

Tickets can be purchased at the door as of 7:00 pm on the night of the event.

Comment by T

What are the chances of being able to purchase a ticket at the door for this Friday's event if arriving at 8pm?

Comment by Lead Concierge

There are tickets available at the door as of 7:00 pm every Friday.  I would advise arriving early to get into the lineup to purchase tickets.

Comment by Bwong

We are hoping to go to the event tonight, however my friend will be running late. Is it possible for me to buy his ticket for him, or will he have to physically be there to purchase it?


Comment by Lead Concierge

You can purchase tickets for friends however entry is can only be guaranteed for them if they enter by 9:00 pm.

Comment by Amanda

I was just wondering what gallery spaces will be open during the June 20th night.

Thank you!

Comment by Lead Concierge

Forbidden City will be closed during FNL, the other gallery spaces will be open however.

Comment by SharvaH


Are these events only til June 27th? Or will it resume again at some point in the Summer?

Comment by Lead Concierge

June 27 is the last date for Spring 2014.  They will resume again next fall.

Comment by Eric B,

Hello, Could you be more specific with the dress code for business casual for men? Does it have to be dress pants or are dark jeans acceptable? What about footwear for men? Business casual can be kind of vague!

Comment by Lead Concierge

Some people are very dressed up and others are more casual.  Dark jeans are acceptable.