That’s a LOT of Fish! 100 YEARS OF COLLECTING | Level 2

Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity, Level 2

A unique exploration of one of the ROM’s founding collections, as we catalogue and add the 100,000th lot of fish to the museum’s Ichthyology collection to celebrate our Centennial year.

This exhibit is a close examination of how and why museums have collections. It explores what fish specimens can tell us, and how we use cutting-edge research and new technologies to re-examine specimens collected decades ago, finding out things we didn't think were possible when we first started collecting.

Centennial Government Partners

OntarioOCAF: Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund


Mary Burridge

Assistant Curator of Ichthyology

Erling Holm

Assistant Curator

Hernán López-Fernández

Ichthyology Curator


Comment by Donald Whitehead

I had read somewhere that there is a blue whale coming? Is this true?