Brendt C. Hyde

Brendt C. Hyde, salt lake, B.C.

Brendt C. Hyde

Mineralogy Research Technician

Area: Natural History, Earth & Space


B.Sc. (Honours), Planetary Science, University of Western Ontario, 2006

M.Sc., Geology, University of Western Ontario, 2009

Brendt Hyde has worked as a mineralogy research technician at the ROM since 2010.  His primary role at the ROM is to keep the analytical equipment in mineralogy up and running, as well as help Kim Tait meet her research goals.

Brendt has had a long time interest in space and decided to do his M.Sc. work researching sulfate minerals similar to those found on the planet Mars.  These minerals form when water interacts with rocks and analyzing them gives scientists clues about the properties of the water that was present on Mars.  During his studies he developed an appreciation for the instruments used to analyze rocks and minerals.  This interest was further strengthened while working at Surface Science Western.  Shortly after showing up at the ROM, Brendt was able to help set-up the new analytical laboratory in Mineralogy.  With this new equipment and a museum full of things to analyze, he felt right at home.

Brendt continues to have an interest in sulfate minerals and other minerals that form when rocks interact with water.  This interest has taken him into the world of meteoritics, where he looks at how extraterrestrial rocks have interacted with water, both here on Earth and elsewhere in the Solar System.  Since being introduced to the world of meteorites, he has also begun studying melting processes in the early Solar System.  This type of research gives us a better understanding of how asteroids and planets formed.