Centres of Discovery

ROM Logo with Ancient Egyptian Mummy from the ROM's collections.
ROM Ancient Cultures explores the civilizations of the past and their relevance today.
ROM logo with butterflies
ROM Biodiversity is a leading resource for understanding and conserving our natural world.
ROM logo with Basket from First People's collection
The Centre of Discovery for Canada is unique, focusing on culture and nature, while encouraging interpretations based on the convergence of both.
ROM logo with photography lens
ROM Contemporary Culture is a centre for innovation that provides insights and inspiration to help our community make sense of the modern world and connect with one another.    
ROM logo with Labradorite specimen.
The ROM is an essential destination for understanding the Earth and our Solar System. Meteorites, rocks, precious minerals and gems contribute to one of the finest museum collections on display anywhere.
ROM logo with illustration of a ancient animal discovered in the Burgess Shale
By discovering, preserving and studying fossils from around the world, ROM palaeontologists learn how life evolved over time. The more we learn about this deep evolutionary heritage, the more we can appreciate how humans form part of the Earth’s complex fabric of life.
From prehistory through to the present day, textile production has been a fundamental part of human existence.
ROM logo with sculpture of Lohan.
The ROM is home to one of the world’s most extensive and eclectic collections of art and other cultural and historical objects.