Centres of Discovery

ROM Logo with Ancient Egyptian Mummy from the ROM's collections.
ROM Ancient Cultures makes sense of how past societies inform our lives and help us plan for the future.
ROM logo with butterflies
ROM Biodiversity helps us understand the world's biodiversity and prevent its loss.
ROM logo with Basket from First People's collection
ROM Canada inspires dialogue, exploration and experience of Canada's changing cultures and natural worlds.
ROM logo with photography lens
ROM Contemporary Culture stimulates thought on critical issues in the modern world through exhibitions of art, architecture, design and photography.    
ROM logo with Labradorite specimen.
ROM Earth & Space helps us understand the earth and our solar system through the study of minerals, meteorites, rocks and gems.
ROM logo with illustration of a ancient animal discovered in the Burgess Shale
ROM Fossils & Evolution shares the record of life on earth through time and conducts groundbreaking research on dinosaurs, fossils and specimens.
ROM logo with hat
ROM Textiles & Fashions explores global fashion and textiles that interweave cultures and societies and record histories, politics and innovation.
ROM logo with sculpture of Lohan.
ROM World Art & Culture is a unique portal for understanding human thought and global experience through visual arts and material culture.