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The ROM is an essential destination for understanding the Earth and our Solar System. Meteorites, rocks, precious minerals and gems contribute to one of the finest museum collections on display anywhere. In total, over 4.5 billion years of history are represented at the ROM in almost 3,000 exceptional specimens originating from all over the Earth, from the Moon… and beyond.

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ROM Speaks Nature

How can the study of evolution help humanity unravel our place in the cosmos? Delve into the universe’s big questions with palaeontologist Simon Conway Morris of Cambridge University and Fellow of the Royal Society.

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A six-wheeled robotic rover, labeled REX, sits parked on a sandy surface in the foreground, with a pile of large stones visible behind.

Come discover the Mars rover prototype REX & touch a piece of the red planet!

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Orlan space gloves from Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield's collection.

Canadian Space Agency Chris Hadfield talks to us about the challenges of working with your hands in space.