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The ROM is an essential destination for understanding the Earth and our Solar System. Meteorites, rocks, precious minerals and gems contribute to one of the finest museum collections on display anywhere. In total, over 4.5 billion years of history are represented at the ROM in almost 3,000 exceptional specimens originating from all over the Earth, from the Moon… and beyond.

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Plesiosaur vertbra

The ROM's August ID clinic had a steady flow of visitors up to the museum closing at 5:30pm.

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What can mummies tell us about a long society? Mummy Board (painted wood), 3rd Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty, Egypt, 1069 - 945 BC

Explore all corners of the Museum to unlock life's greatest mysteries! From who built the pyramids to what made the dinosaurs disappear, there are lots of mysteries to be solved.  Piece together an archaeological puzzle, reveal secrets from the earth's depths, and uncover clues until the mysteries are a mystery no more.

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Did you know the ROM has one of the best collections of Martian meteorites in the world? Get up close in Space Cadets!

Be starstruck as you master the basics of space exploration and begin your journey to the final frontier! Investigate human perspectives on the stars, from the initial imaginings of ancient civilizations to cutting edge discoveries of modern astronomers. Your astronomical adventures in the Starlab mini-planetarium and our galleries will inspire art projects and activities that are truly out-of-this-world.