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The ROM is an essential destination for understanding the Earth and our Solar System. Meteorites, rocks, precious minerals and gems contribute to one of the finest museum collections on display anywhere. In total, over 4.5 billion years of history are represented at the ROM in almost 3,000 exceptional specimens originating from all over the Earth, from the Moon… and beyond.

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The ultimate deep-space time capsule, this small black rock plummeted from space carrying organic material dating back 4.5 billion years. Much of the meteorite remains frozen in the Royal Ontario Museum's vaults for research, but a sizable piece, on display in the Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth's Treasure, has been named one of the Museum's iconic treasures.

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Katherine Dunnell, ROM Mineralogy Technician, provides an overview of sapphires, and explains the allure of rubies.

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While to the casual observer, this is an example of fine made jewellery that sits in the Gem and Gold Gallery, Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth Treasures with other fine made jewellery pieces. As is reflected in the layered design of the brooch, this piece has layers of information and history as well.