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The ROM is an essential destination for understanding the Earth and our Solar System. Meteorites, rocks, precious minerals and gems contribute to one of the finest museum collections on display anywhere. In total, over 4.5 billion years of history are represented at the ROM in almost 3,000 exceptional specimens originating from all over the Earth, from the Moon… and beyond.

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A group of campers meets with Danielle Dufault, palaeo illustrator at the Museum.

Delve into the world of high-tech laboratories and fascinating field research. Visit working labs, conduct your own scientific studies, and head outdoors on collecting expeditions. Get hands-on experience with the current tools and technologies used in the fields of anthropology, palaeontology, conservation biology, botany, and zoology. The sky is the limit as you consider future discoveries in these exciting fields.

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A group of campers learn about marine wildlife through our salt water coral reef.

Have you ever wanted to be a scientist and solve the mysteries of everyday life? Well here’s your chance! Conduct simple experiments to find out why the sky is blue, why leaves change colour in the fall, and what paper airplane design flies the farthest. Your investigations will take you from the microscopic level of the cell to the cosmic level of the stars in a mini-planetarium.

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ROM Speaks Nature

Spanning over four billion years, the history of life on Earth is fascinating and complex. From the Burgess Shale to Mistaken Point, life has evolved, diversified, and survived, leaving a trail of fossils and evidence in its tracks. Navigate the big questions and make sense of the important answers as the ROM takes you on a journey to the dawn of life.