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Canada’s heritage is one of diverse cultures and deep roots, originally defined by Aboriginal cultures and subsequently by English and French arrivals, and later by a mosaic of international immigration. ROM Canada is unique, focusing on culture and nature, while encouraging interpretations of Canada based on the convergence of both. Explore the development of Canadian identity and Canadian-ness in the context of place and climate through centuries of changing technologies and symbols.
ROM Canada explores our culture and nature.

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Until January 11, 2015
Sigmund Samuel Gallery of Canada, Level 1

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Natasa performing backing removal on an albumen photograph at her bench in the Queen’s conservation lab. Photo courtesy of Natasa Krsmanovic.

This spotlight post--featuring ROM paper conservation intern Natasa Krsmanovic--highlights her background, shares her perspective on current paper conservation practices, and discusses her treatment projects at the museum.

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A large white swan lies on an operating table, while a blue-clad female veterinarian attends.

Have you ever wondered what to do when you come across a wild animal that is sick, injured, orphaned or in need of rescue? Come meet the people of Toronto Wildlife Centre: they're there to help.