ROM Biodiversity

ROM Biodiversity

Biodiversity means life.  It includes every living thing, from mosquitoes to rhinoceros to giant redwoods. Biodiversity also refers to the complex interactions among living things: it is the interconnected web of living systems, ranging from microscopic life on a single leaf of a tree to the ecosystem of a rain forest to the ecology of an immense region to the entire Planet. They are all their own systems. And they are all interconnected

ROM Biodiversity is a leading resource for understanding and conserving our natural world.


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photo of a an elephant standing in a wetland in Yala National Park in Sri Lanka with jungle and a mountain in the background

Guest blog written by #ROMSriLanka Communication team member Deirdre Leowinata

The ROM’s own Assistant Curator of Mammalogy, Burton Lim, along with his ROM Biodiversity team, are traversing the planet’s surface to reach the small and mysterious country of Sri Lanka between August and September for one purpose and one purpose only… to study the island's small mammals.

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Photo Julia Campisi

Grab your crayons, paintbrushes and pencils and get ready to open your ears, eyes and minds for an around- the-world artistic adventure! Journey through the Museum’s many amazing exhibits and galleries like Ancient Egypt, Rocks and Minerals, and Mediaeval Japan, and gain inspiration for your brilliant masterpieces. No corner of the ROM will be left unturned as you let your creativity soar!

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Dig for dinosaurs in ROM ROMps!

Join us on a romp around the ROM as we explore the fun and fantastic galleries the Museum has to offer. Dig for dinos, explore ancient Egypt, and mingle in the Ming tomb. Have fun in a different gallery every day, hear about the adventures of Kings, Queens, and Critters, and create amazing art projects to take home to remind you of your own ROM romp!