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Biodiversity means life.  It includes every living thing, from mosquitoes to rhinoceros to giant redwoods. Biodiversity also refers to the complex interactions among living things: it is the interconnected web of living systems, ranging from microscopic life on a single leaf of a tree to the ecosystem of a rain forest to the ecology of an immense region to the entire Planet. They are all their own systems. And they are all interconnected

ROM Biodiversity is a leading resource for understanding and conserving our natural world.


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A photo of an elderly, white-bearded Charles Darwin, from September of 1868

Celebrate Charles Darwin's 206th birthday this Feb. 12th at the University of Toronto.

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Recently, the ROM Green Plant Herbarium accessioned a copy of the artwork STRATA into its collection. This might seem unusual, since our herbarium is the depository for over half a million scientific specimens of green plants, from algae through mosses and liverworts to all the different kinds of “plants with plumbing.” Nevertheless, STRATA is intended to resemble a group of herbarium specimens in the way it was produced and in its format.

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In this image you see an example of a trilingual label (Braille, French and English) which includes a 3D reconstruction of the image in our Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

Visual communication takes many forms: photographs, videos, visual art and design. When the subject matter is about nature, these visual cue become a window into the wild and an inspiration for conservation.