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Biodiversity means life.  It includes every living thing, from mosquitoes to rhinoceros to giant redwoods. Biodiversity also refers to the complex interactions among living things: it is the interconnected web of living systems, ranging from microscopic life on a single leaf of a tree to the ecosystem of a rain forest to the ecology of an immense region to the entire Planet. They are all their own systems. And they are all interconnected

ROM Biodiversity is a leading resource for understanding and conserving our natural world.


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Snowshoes (wood, hair), Ainu, Japan, circa 1888
Ice and Snow Day
Ice and snow are major parts of our global climate, and key to our Canadian winters. Today, we'll examine the impact ice and snow have had on the changing world around us, exploring everything from glaciers to goggles.
Taught by Alison Cooley
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Category: Event
ROM Sleepovers: Experience the Museum in the dark!

Experience the ultimate backstage museum pass at the ROM. Start the night off right with a special movie screening. Wonder at the great diversity of life on earth and how everything is interconnected as you enjoy exclusive, after-hours access to the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity.