ROM Ancient Cultures

From early human ancestors in China to the technological innovations of Mesopotamia to the global economy of ancient Rome, ancient cultures help us understand the diversity of human experience.ROM archaeologists excavate around the world. Back at the museum, our staff analyze and conserve the ROM’s artifact collections. And our broader community of archaeology enthusiasts and experts share insight and data globally. How can information about past cultures help us understand our present world and plan for the future? Get involved and be part of the conversation!

ROM Ancient Cultures explores the civilizations of the past and their relevance today.


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A group of campers visits Anjau in the Ancient Egypt Gallery.

Combine the magic of the Nile with your own creativity and brush away the sands of time in ancient Egypt. Unravel the mysteries of pyramids and sphinxes and discover how these fascinating people lived and died thousands of years ago. Assemble an Egyptian outfit, mould a magical shawabti, and find out first-hand why pyramid building is no easy task.

Meet the Instructor: Lisa Schulte

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A group of campers practice battle techniques from centuries past.

From arms and armour to daily life, the knights of the museum are more than meets the eye.  Experience the day-to-day activities and the rigorous training a knight would endure during the Middle Ages. Jousting in tournaments, slaying dragons, all while wearing armour, are just some of the stories you will learn from the Knights of the Museum!

Meet the Instructor: Andrew Watts

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Learn about the many amazing myths the Museum has in the collections!

Prepare for an adventure of mythical proportions as we set sail on a journey into the world of fictional follies! Dangerous dragons, herculean heroes, and gargantuan gods are what await in this interactive story experience. Travel through Greece, Egypt, China and more as we discover the great myths of the ancient world. Meet the monsters behind the myths, and enter into the most fantastic fables history has to offer.