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From early human ancestors in China to the technological innovations of Mesopotamia to the global economy of ancient Rome, ancient cultures help us understand the diversity of human experience.ROM archaeologists excavate around the world. Back at the museum, our staff analyze and conserve the ROM’s artifact collections. And our broader community of archaeology enthusiasts and experts share insight and data globally. How can information about past cultures help us understand our present world and plan for the future? Get involved and be part of the conversation!

ROM Ancient Cultures explores the civilizations of the past and their relevance today.


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Brown ruins against a blue sky

By Clemens Reichel, Sascha Priewe, and Sheeza Sarfraz

It has become a cliché to say that “history is written by the victors,” but rarely does one note that it is not only written, but edited as well. Just as governments massage facts for the evening news and tightly control who speaks with whom when releasing information to the media, the lessons of history are changed and omitted at the pleasure of those holding the reins.

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Jade dragon pendant component (Carved jade); 5th century BC

Prepare for an adventure of mythical proportions. From fire breathing dragons, and sneaky sphinxes, to heroic adventurers and clever tricksters, you’ll discover the ancient origins of your favourite myths and monsters. Astounding tales, amazing feats and inspiration abounds for your own legendary stories, artwork, and games.

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Try on armour and more as your travel through time with Blast from the Past!

Get ready for an action packed journey to ancient times and places as you participate in a different historical adventure every day! Blast through the past to find yourself walking in the footsteps of dinosaurs, unravelling the mysteries of the pyramids, and reliving life in the Middle-Ages. Stories, art, and drama will help bring the past to life.