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From early human ancestors in China to the technological innovations of Mesopotamia to the global economy of ancient Rome, ancient cultures help us understand the diversity of human experience.ROM archaeologists excavate around the world. Back at the museum, our staff analyze and conserve the ROM’s artifact collections. And our broader community of archaeology enthusiasts and experts share insight and data globally. How can information about past cultures help us understand our present world and plan for the future? Get involved and be part of the conversation!

ROM Ancient Cultures explores the civilizations of the past and their relevance today.


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Mummy of lady Djedmaatesankh.
Myth Busters
True or False - Bats suck blood. Fact or Fiction - All ancient Egyptian mummies are cursed. Today we'll explore the real stories behind many of the museum's most misunderstood cultural and natural objects. Warning - sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!
Taught by Bethany Kempster
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 	Book of the Dead fragment (papyrus, gilt), Ptolemaic period, Egypt, 332 - 330 BC
Communication 101
Ancient cultures had very interesting methods of recording information. From pictures to script, information was shared. Find out the origins of various writing forms. How often do you text? How do animals communicate? Do birds really sing? Come discover for yourself. All shall be revealed.
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Natasa performing backing removal on an albumen photograph at her bench in the Queen’s conservation lab. Photo courtesy of Natasa Krsmanovic.

This spotlight post--featuring ROM paper conservation intern Natasa Krsmanovic--highlights her background, shares her perspective on current paper conservation practices, and discusses her treatment projects at the museum.