Fall 2011

Watching Angels

Hernán López-Fernández, associate curator of Ichthyology in the ROM’s Department of Natural History

These piscatorial prizes of many a living-room were graced with good looks by intricate evolutionary processes in their homeland.

Even for those who have never owned an aquarium, freshwater angelfish such as this Pterophyllum altum are among the most readily recognizable aquarium fishes.

Burton and Isabelle Pipistrelle: Echo-locating mysterious worlds

Glen Ellis, head of the Royal Ontario Museum Press and executive editor of ROM magazine

The St. Clair Cave, a subterranean river grotto in southeast Jamaica, is home to half of the island's 20 bat species. The ROM's recently revamped Bat Cave is modelled on the Jamaican cavern, which is reproduced so accurately—replicated, it seems—that ROM visitors familiar with St. Clair quickly get their bearings.