New Exhibit Opens featuring ROM’s Southeast Asian Collection

Posted: October 10, 2012 - 13:30 , by Deepali Dewan

ROM’s newest exhibit, “Spirit & Utility: Art from Cambodia and Thailand,” opened over Thanksgiving weekend in the Middle East / South Asia Special Exhibit case, 3rd Floor Lee-Chin Crystal.

Mainland Southeast Asia is a region of great diversity with a long complex history. This is expressed through a visual culture that ranges from enduring stone sculpture to delicate fabric and paper-based creations. This exhibit focuses on the ROM’s small but varied collection of arts from the modern states of Cambodia and Thailand. These works reflect a marriage of spirituality and utilitarianism that is a distinguishing characteristic of the region. Despite the various political conflicts across the region through its history, visual expression remains a strong component of its varied cultures. This is underscored in this exhibit through ceramics, sculpture, painting, and clothing.

View of exhibit "Spirit & Utility: Art from Cambodia and Thailand"


Detail of rubbing

Detail of rubbing from the Temple of Angkor Wat, built by King Suryavarman II (r.1113– c.1150 CE)


ROM prep Myles Zarowny

Museum staff fine-tunes section of exhibit showing Ban Chiang Culture ceramics.

Head of Buddha

Head of Buddha on display in exhibit, bronze, 16-17th century, Thailand. 936.43