Forbidden City - Opening the Shipping Crates

Posted: February 11, 2014 - 10:14 , by Brian Boyle
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people moving silk from crate

The Gallery construction is nearing completion. Bright red and yellow paint is being applied. Cases are standing ready to be filled. The Courier-Preparators from the Palace Museum have arrived. The Crates full of precious artifacts are finally being opened and unpacked.

Exhibition Curator, ROM`s own Dr. Chen Shen, toured the group of Palace Museum and ROM staff through Weston Exhibition Hall on Monday morning. The group then moved to the preparator's vault where they removed the lids from the first cases revealing fabulous bronze, jade and silk artifacts. The pieces were all carefully checked over by both museum teams to ensure that there was no damage in transit from Bejing. They were then moved to another area of the vault, awaiting transfer into their specially built display cases. With The Forbidden City opening on March 8, the preparators have a very busy, exciting month it will be.

People in GalleryWoman puts artifact on a cartArtifacts on tableThree silk gowns on the tablesilk gown with couriers