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Spring Family Fun Weekends at the ROM!

Spring Family Fun Weekends at the ROM

Bring out the family and see what the ROM has to offer during our Family Fun Weekends this Spring. Using our galleries as inspiration, we’ll explore ideas from the ancient world to the space age.  Get up close to museum objects not normally on display, enjoy performances, try your hand at interactive demonstrations, make your own amazing crafts for home and more!

Included with Museum admission.
11 am – 3 pm

June 15-16: Ancient Rome and Greece Weekend

Join us as we explore the ancient empires of Rome and Greece! Learn how these ancient cultures dominated the Mediterranean world and continue to influence our daily lives.  See demonstrations and displays of arms and armour, talk to experts, try your hand at Roman archery, make a lucky "bulla", create your own mosaic masterpiece and learn the game of "knucklebones". 

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Past Events

May 18-20: Earth Sciences Weekend

Our world to discover! The Earth gives us so much every day! Nearly every material we touch is a product of the Earth, and if it isn’t grown, it is mined. Have a look at some of the minerals of every day life, and then try and guess what these minerals do and where you find them in the world around you.

May 4-5: Early Life Weekend

Palaeontology is about more than just Tyrannosaurus rex, and the Woolly Mammoth. Join us as we explore the world BEFORE the dinosaurs when life first evolved! From Anomalocaris, the original beast of the sea, to the thriving and diverse arthropods that broke to the surface, learn how life first developed deep in our oceans and expanded to thrive in every environment on Earth. Get up close with stunning fossils from the Burgess Shale, one of the greatest fossil sites in the world, make your own Cambrian inspired hand puppet, and get a first look at the ROM's next big gallery, Early Life!

April 27-28: Nature Weekend

Incredible insects, magnificent mammals, and rockin’ reptiles are some of the cool creatures you’ll meet this weekend at the ROM.  Awaken your wild side as you learn all about the diversity of animal life. Make your own animal mask inspired by the live animals you’ve met, hear animal tales from around the world, and see how you can protect animal habitats every day.

April 13-14: Archaeology Weekend

Come and find out what archaeologists do to make their discoveries! Meet archaeologists showing things they’ve dug up and explaining why they are important. Get up close to objects usually hidden in the museum’s vaults. Try your hand at being an archaeologist as you learn some of the skills they use in the field and labs. Then meet people who do “experimental” archaeology by trying to do things the way they were done in the past, and “living history” re-enactors of the Viking era who try to understand the past by living it!

June 1- 2: Ancient Egypt Weekend

Celebrate the weekend with our mummies and unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Craft a magical amulet, decode hieroglyphs, learn the merits of eye paint first-hand, and brush away the sands of time in our Egyptian Dig!
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