Your personal and credit card information is protected while you are shopping online at the ROM.

SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology ensures the security and integrity of the personal information you provide while shopping online at the ROM. This advanced security system encrypts data transmissions between a web browser and web site, and ensures this information may only be decrypted at its intended destination. SSL works with Netscape Navigator (versions 2.0 and higher) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 3.0 and higher).

All credit card transactions are managed by the Eigen Development's Mirapay service. Both Eigen Development and the ROM use SSL to secure the information you provide. Credit card information is not accepted or stored at the ROM.

The Royal Ontario Museum will not to release any personal information about our customers to third parties. Your e-mail address will only be used to contact you about your order and its shipping arrangements. During checkout, you may choose to be notified about future products and services that will be offered online at the ROM. You will only receive these updates if you indicate that you are interested in this service.

While shopping online at the ROM, your web browser may notify you that you are being sent a 'cookie'. Cookies are small files on your computer which keep track of the items in your shopping cart. These files do not contain personal information and can only be accessed by the ROM's web site. You may choose not to accept the cookies, but you will only be able to keep one item at a time in your shopping cart.

For more information on how the ROM respects your privacy while using the website, see Privacy Policy.