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ROMbus: Corporate Art Collections


What do private firms collect and why?  Here’s your opportunity to get an inside look – you’ll tour collections that are not usually open to public groups.  It’s a fascinating downtown Toronto trip to look at what three big businesses buy for their  Bay Street towers.  Meet at the ROM at noon.  Then enjoy lunch at the U of T Faculty Club, surrounded by fine art, while our Art Consultant, Ed Phillips, provides an illustrated lecture describing some of the background and history of corporate collecting. From there we go on to view a major bank’s cool contemporary collection; a  leading financial management firm -Sprott’s -diverse and beautiful holdings and finally to one of Canada’slargest law firms (Fasken, Martineau) for late afternoon tea and a tour of their great art works.  Curators at each will give the inside scoop on the pieces and their provenance.


Royal Ontario Museum & Off-Site
Meet at the ROM's, President's Choice School Entrance (South End)