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Pride and Passion: Building the ROM's Chinese Collections

Presented by the Friends of East Asia

In the early twentieth century, Toronto was a small, colonial city and the ROM a fledgling museum.  How, then, did the ROM build its world-class Chinese collections?  Because its donors and collectors possessed great knowledge and love of Chinese art treasures and a sense that the ROM could play a role as an intermediary between China and the Western world.

Seven speakers, each with a different focus, will show you how the pride and passion of these ROM pioneers provided the foundations of the ROM's Chinese collections of ceramics, paintings, oracle bones, sculpture and bronzes.  The symposium will conclude with a look into the future for possible new directions for the collections in the next hundred years.

A tax receipt for the maximum amount allowable will be issued.  Morning coffee and light luncheon included.

Speakers include:

Barbara Stephen, Senior Curator Emerita
Klaas Ruitenbeek, Director, Museum of Asian Art, Berlin
Joan Judge, Associate Professor, Humanities Division & School of Women's Studies, York University
Sara Irwin, Research Associate Retired
Wen-chien Cheng, Curator, Louise Hawley Stone Chair, Far Eastern Art
Jack Howard, ROM Far Eastern Library
Chen Shen, VP, Senior Curator, Bishop White Chair, East Asian Archaeology


Peter F. Bronfman Hall, Level 2

Bloor Street (main entrance)