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My Inordinate Fondness for Beetles with Arthur Evans

Dr. Arthur Evans, Entomologist

Third Annual Quimby F. Hess Lecture

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Beetles, the largest group of insects, are not as well known as butterflies and dragonflies. Art Evans, who is possibly the world's most famous beetle-lover, is trying hard to change that. Hear the back story to Arthur Evans’  forthcoming book, Beetles of Eastern North America, which will be the first full-color field guide to cover 1,400 species in all 115 families that occur in the region.

Arthur V. Evans D.Sc. is an author, lecturer, photographer, and radio broadcaster. His books include An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles (with Charles Bellamy), An Introduction to California Beetles (with James Hogue), Field Guide to Beetles of California (with James Hogue), National Wildlife Foundation Field Guide to Insects and Spiders of North America, and What’s Bugging You? A Fond Look at the Animals We Love to Hate. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Reception for TEA members to follow.

This lecture is made possible by the generous support of Quimby Hess’s children, Robert Hess and Jane Hess. Quimby was a member of the TEA for over 40 years.

Presented by the Toronto Entomologists' Association.


Royal Ontario Museum
Signy and Cléophée Eaton Theatre,
Level 1B


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