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Google+ Hangout on Air: How did the ancient Egyptians mummify their dead?

Theban male mummy undergoing CT scan

How did the ancient Egyptians mummify their dead? During our next Google+ Hangout on January 15th, ROM Egyptologist Gayle Gibson will get all the gory details from colleagues Andrew Nelson (University of Western Ontario) and Andrew Wade (McMaster University).

Nelson and Wade combined a literature review with cutting-edge medical technology to provide a much more nuanced understanding of mummification in ancient Egypt. They looked at written accounts of embalming techniques associated with 150 mummies. Then, they performed CT scans and created 3D reconstructions of seven mummies, including one from the ROM. Their results show great variation in technique over time, space, and social identity—and contradict famous accounts from ancient historians.

Tune in to learn how exactly the ancient embalmers got at the internal organs, whether the heart was always left in place, what the ROM’s mummy contributed to the study, and more! Take part in the hangout via Google+ or tweet questions to @ROMtoronto, @ROMAncient with #AskROM


  • Wednesday, January 15, 2014
    2:00 pm





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Authored by: Ryan Dodge

Authored by: Ryan Dodge