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Face to Face with Dr. Sarah Fee: The BIG impact of textiles on human history and society

Passage # 5Haute Couture Collection / Spring Summer 2011 - Dior by John Galliano. Image courtesy of Laziz Hamani. Commissioned by the ROM thanks to the generous support of the Louise Hawley Stone Charitable Trust. BIG TIME: took 500 hours to make; BIG SIZE: 175 metres of cloth; BIG EVENT: Last and most technically challenging collection by John Galliano for Christian Dior. Men's trousersCotton, wool. c. 1925 – 1950. Nigeria. Gift from the Estate of Rev. A.W. Banfield. BIG SIZE: While the West African dress.

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From time immemorial, humans have expended incredible efforts to adorn their bodies, homes and gods. This tour through the exhibition, BIG by one of the curators, Dr. Sarah Fee, will explore stories behind key objects and how they express the idea of largesse and grandeur, be it as major innovations, important events, oversized personalities, or simply for gigantic proportions or extreme amounts of time expended in their making. In 2006 alone, US online purchases of clothing came to $18.3 billion; discover some of the forces driving such great investments around the globe and across time.


Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume
Meet in Chen Court (just past Express Entry)

Bloor Street (main entrance)

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Dr. Sarah Fee, Associate Curator, Textiles & Costume Section