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Face to Face: One Hundred Years of Silent Springs: In memory of the Passenger Pigeon

Passenger Pigeons mount, Ectopistes migratorius, collected 1878

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Within comparatively recent years seven North American birds, once common and well-known, have become extinct or are on the point of extinction. Many of these are represented in museums. (Dr. W.E. Swinton Director, ROM 1963) Today, 35 Ontario bird species are extinct or at risk of extinction.

In 1914, the Royal Ontario Museum opened its doors for the first time and the last Passenger Pigeon, once thought to be the most abundant bird in North America, died. Please join us for Mark's presentation as he discusses the building of the "Passenger Pigeon Intervention", looks at Species at Risk and deliberates over the role Museum's now play in protecting bird populations.



Royal Ontario Museum

Please meet in Chen Court on Level 1 at 10:50 am.  You will be given headsets and then escorted to the gallery.
Everyone must be registered for the tour.

Bloor Street (main entrance)


Mark Peck, Collections Technician, Ornithology, ROM



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