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Discovery Corners: Dinosaurs & Acheroraptor

Discovery Corners: Start May 10, 2014. Themed days to enhance the visitor experience!

Meet Derek Larson, one of the palaeontologists who helped describe our newest dinosaur, Acheroraptor! Derek will be out talking about dinosaurs, his work as a palaeontologist, and even have a few special specimens out. In celebration of this amazing new discovery, we'll also make raptor headdresses!

Included with Museum Admission. Activities 11 am - 3 pm

Acheroraptor temertyorum feast on a Triceratops carcass while Tyrannosaurus rex waits near by. Julius Cystoni, 2013.

Special Guests!
ROM Palaeontologist Derek Larson, who co-named and described Acheroraptor, will be out with some hands-on specimens from our collections and will be available to talk about his work on the ROM's newest dinosaur, his life as a palaeontologist and the amazing animals we all know as dinosaurs. Derek will be stationed by the recently installed Acheroraptor case in our Dinosaur Galleries on Level 2.

Derek Larson in the field. Photo credit:  Robin Sissons.

  • Derek Larson has been fascinated by dinosaurs from a young age. Raised in the prairies of Saskatchewan, he grew up loving the badlands and the fossils that could be found there. As long as he can remember, he has wanted to be a palaeontologist. After getting Bachelor's and Master's degrees at the University of Alberta, he came to the University of Toronto and the ROM to acquire his PhD. Derek specializes on theropod (meat-eating) dinosaurs, their teeth, and their specific diets. He also studies living monitor lizards to understand how the shape of teeth controls the diet of these meat-eating lizards. He has also worked at discovering new fossil species.
  • With colleagues at the ROM and elsewhere, he has helped name a new fossil turtle species and two new species of dinosaurs, including the dinosaur Acheroraptor temertyorum. One of the most unusual features of Acheroraptor are the strange ridges on its teeth, and Derek and his colleagues were able to use that strange feature and others to help identify the new species.
  • Derek's work with Phil Currie on the increased abundance of small meat eating dinosaurs through the analysis of teeth in the Dinosaur Park Formation was featured on CBC's Quirks & Quarks. You can hear his interview with host Bob McDonald HERE.
  • Follow Derek (@thereal_dlarson) and the rest of ROM Palaeontology (@ROMPalaeo) on Twitter!

Family Activities!

Raptor Headdresses (Dinosaur Galleries, Level 2)
Be inspiration from the many raptors we have on display, like Acheroraptor, Deinonychus and Bambiraptor, and create your own raptor headdress! Remember no raptor is complete without feathers!

Early Learners Lounge (Classroom 3, Level 1)
The Early Learners Lounge is an under 5 family lounge that provides a quiet space for families to rest, nurse, change diapers and play!

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