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Lecture: Currelly's Cloth and Other Strange Stories

Photograph of Charles Trick Currelly (back row centre) in Jerusalem, from Currelly photograph album

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A pioneering museum man, ROM founder Dr. Charles Currelly brought in thousands of nonwestern textiles in his early decades at the ROM. This talk explores the incredible range of textiles Currelly acquired, and the wild and wonderful sources who supplied him in the early decades of the 20th century. They included the American Colony of Jerusalem, a failed millennium movement, which turned to dealing in antiquities.

In this centenary year of the Royal Ontario Museum, ROM curator Sarah Fee shares her new research into the early aquisition of Asian and African textiles and costume which greatly contributed to the Museum's current outstanding collection of nearly 50,000 pieces.

Presented by Friends of Textiles & Costume (FTC).


Royal Ontario Museum

Classrooms 3 & 4, Level 1, Louise Hawley Stone Court

Bloor Street (main entrance)


Dr. Sarah Fee, ROM Curator, Eastern Hemisphere Textiles and Fashions



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