Adult Programs

Curators' Corner: DNA and You

Why are your eyes blue? What limits you to two legs instead of four? And why did you have to inherit your father’s hairline along with his belly? It all comes down to your DNA! These microscopic molecules contain all the genetic blueprints for every living thing on the planet, and the ROM wants to tell you all about them!
Ever wondered what DNA actually looks like? Come find out! Learn how to extract actual DNA from fruits and veggies using just a little touch of science, then try out an interactive game where you solve crimes using DNA as evidence! After all your hard work, reward yourself by building your own DNA crafts to take home based on the species of your choice.
Take this opportunity to chat with ROM molecular biologists Oliver Haddrath and Kristen Choffe about their work with the museum’s gigantic collection of DNA samples. Also joining us will be representatives from the Natural Resource DNA Profiling and Forensic Center and from the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario's Barcode of Life Project. Learn how these organizations help researchers across the world record and monitor the biodiversity around us, and the tools used to help protect this diversity! Finally, drop in for some exciting presentations about how we can use modern techniques to study ancient DNA, and how this knowledge may be used to rescue species from the brink of extinction!
Saturday, July 27, 2013