Adult Programs

Art Examines Atrocity - A Panel Discussion

Experts from the fields of dance, literature and visual art will convene in the ICC Gallery to discuss how art can help understand and heal from atrocities seen in the Cambodian genocide, as well as other human rights tragedies.

List of panelists coming soon.

More on the exhibition
This new exhibition presents one hundred photographic prints made from original negatives abandoned by the Khmer Rouge at the notorious S-21 secret prison in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They will be presented with important historical context that is necessary to properly understand them as artifacts of genocide, not simply as compelling photographic portraits.

Observance and Memorial raises profound questions about the instability of civil society, mass killings, the destruction of heritage & culture, memory, migration, identity, and the responses of legal and spiritual institutions to genocide.

Viewers who are introduced to this nearly incomprehensible period of history may react with powerful emotions, so a space for contemplation and reflection is an important part of the exhibition.


Royal Ontario Museum, Level 4