Our New Look

The ROM connects visitors to their world and to each other. That is what we do. And the ROM’s dynamic new visual identity is an expression of that.

“Dynamic” is the operative word. The logo is designed to be totally consistent and recognizable even as it incorporates different iconic images and changes colour to reflect the many and different facets of the ROM’s extraordinary collections. It reinforces the ROM as an indispensible resource for building community by nurturing discovery and inspiring wonder.

In effect, the “O” in our new logo can be seen as a lens–a lens into the work we do here at the ROM. By incorporating into that lens a variety of images from nature, culture, history, and contemporary life, we are able speak to the insights the ROM provides in to the past, present and future of our planet.

The ROM’s new logo is a “portal,” symbolizing access and connection… and dynamism. In this way it reflects the Museum’s ongoing efforts to open the doors to our encyclopaedic collections, our leading-edge research and our renowned curatorial expertise, supporting the ROM’s strategic focus along eight themes:


The design firm for the ROM's new logo was chosen through a rigorous Request for Proposal (RFP) process in which some of the most respected brand consultants in the world, including Canadian firms, bid on the ROM's brand positioning and visual identity project. As an agency of the Government of Ontario the ROM is required to follow its procurement directive which specifies geographic neutrality. The bids were evaluated on a wide variety of criteria including Corporate Information, Commitment of Key Staff, Experience, Proposed Approach, Pricing and References. LaPlaca Cohen achieved the highest number of points in the competition. La Placa Cohen offers unique branding/marketing experience working with many of the world's major museums and art galleries including the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Tate in the UK.