The ROM’s Welcome Project

Thanks to generous community support for the Love the ROM campaign, the Museum’s bold new plans for the ROM Plaza are close to fully funded. This exciting Centennial legacy project, which is set to begin in early 2016, will transform the ROM’s visitor welcome experience, providing the community with beautiful biodiversity gardens, outdoor public programming and an open-air performance space.

A community Town Hall was held at the ROM on May 12, 2014, to consult with our neighbours. Stay tuned to this space for regular updates as the Project unfolds. We look forward to welcoming you at the ROM.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will The Welcome Project be funded?
The ROM’s Welcome Project will be funded by philanthropic support from the Love the ROM Centennial Campaign, which launched on March 19, 2014 to support four Centennial legacy projects:

1.           The ROM’s Welcome Project - A lively and convivial urban green space that will revitalize an iconic corner of the city.
2.           An extraordinary Dawn of Life Gallery for the 21st century.
3.           An essential Programming Fund to animate the ROM Centres of Discovery.
4.           An innovative Director’s Fund to enhance the ROM for future generations.

2. When will work on The Welcome Project start, and how long is it expected to take? Will it impact traffic on Bloor Street?
The Welcome Project is expected to start in January of 2016 and will take approximately four months to complete; traffic on Bloor Street might be impacted on occasion.

3. Do you have plans to improve signage to the ROM from the TTC and other access points?
Yes, The Welcome Project includes adding large signage on both Queen’s Park and Bloor Street to help visitors find their way to the Museum’s front entrance. 

4. How will you ensure that the new amphitheatre area is safe and secure?
The ROM will work with the City of Toronto, as well as its own security team to monitor the amphitheatre area.

5. How was the successful architect firm for The Welcome Project selected?
The Architectural firm of Hariri Pontarini Architects was selected through an invited RFP process.

6. Where can I get more details about The Welcome Project? 
 Stay tuned to this space or visit The ROM Welcome Project for regular updates.

7. How can I participate/support?
Fundraising continues for two critical elements that will help enliven and elevate the project, as well as preserve it for the enjoyment of generations to come. To make a donation or learn more, please contact Ulrica Jobe at 416.586.5818 or

8. Can community groups use/rent the amphitheatre area?
This amphitheatre area will be used for ROM programming, events and activities. The area is also being created as a convivial gathering space which we hope the community will use and enjoy.