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The Royal Ontario Museum is an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Culture. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the conduct of the Museum, and is vested with powers by the Legislature of Ontario, in accordance with the Royal Ontario Museum Act and is subject to the provisions of the Corporations Act and the Trustees Act. The ROM also enters into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Culture.

ROM Year in Review 2013/2014

See the ROM Year in Review  for highlights from the past 2013/2014 fiscal year.

ROM Year in Review 2013/2014 (PDF)

Annual Reports

The Annual Report describes Museum activities in the past fiscal year and accounts for all monies spent. As required, the accounts and financial transactions are audited by an independent auditor appointed by the Board and the Annual Report is presented to the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Annual Report 2013/2014 (PDF)

Archived annual reports

Annual Report 2012/2013 (PDF)
Annual Report 2011/2012 (PDF)
Annual Report 2010/2011 (PDF)
Annual Report 2009/2010 (PDF)
Annual Report 2008/2009 (PDF)
Annual Report 2007/2008 (PDF)
Annual Report 2006/2007 (PDF)
Annual Report 2005/2006 (PDF)
Annual Report 2004/2005 (PDF)
Annual Report 2003/2004 (PDF)
Annual Report 2002/2003 (PDF)
Annual Report 2001/2002 (PDF)
Annual Report 2000/2001 (PDF)
Annual Report 1999/2000 (PDF)

Earlier annual reports available online in ROM Library & Archives.

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For ROM Governors audited financial statements please contact Scott Forfar, VP & COO, ROM Governors, at 416.586.8012 or

Business Plans

Public Business Plan Fiscal 2015 (PDF)

Expense Sheets

Nick Bobrow Travel VISA Jan 2015 (PDF)
Nick Bobrow Travel VISA Feb 2015 (PDF)
Xerxes Mazda Travel Card Jan 2015 (PDF)

Board Policy

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the development and monitoring of policy, which are statements that establish the Museum's identity and goals. By defining principles and setting expectations, policy is the primary method of Board action. There are two levels of Board policy at the ROM. The governance policies articulate the Museum's mandate, vision, values and objectives and define the limits of executive authority. In addition, the Board identified key institutional and museological issues, which are addressed by policy.

Abuse, Harassment & Discrimination (PDF)
Board Governance (PDF)
Collections (PDF)
Communications (PDF)
Copyright (PDF)
Curatorial Research (PDF)
Education (PDF)
Emergency & Disaster Recovery Planning (PDF)
Ethics & Conduct (PDF)
Exhibits (PDF)
Financial Control (PDF)
Health & Safety in the Workplace (PDF)
Human Resources (Employees & Volunteers) (PDF)
Information Management & Library (PDF)
Membership (PDF)
MOU's & Formal Agreements (PDF)
Public Access (PDF)
Publications (PDF)
Purchasing (PDF)
Repatriation of Canadian Aboriginal Objects (PDF)
Repatriation of Human Remains of Canadian Aboriginal Peoples (PDF)
Risk Management (PDF)
Trademarks (PDF)

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