ROM Begins Consultations with Community Groups

Planning for re-development of 90 Queen’s Park

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has begun a new process of consultation with representatives from the neighbouring residents’ associations to discuss the future re-development of its property at 90 Queen’s Park. Together with the University of Toronto, the City of Toronto, and the neighbouring communities, the Museum is working with new partner George Friedmann of the Windsor Arms Hotel Corporation to explore possible development options for the site of the former planetarium.

“The ROM is taking a from-the-ground-up approach to the development of 90 Queen’s Park,” said William Thorsell, ROM Director and CEO. “Consultations with all interested parties will shape the project with the goal of producing a successful mix of public and private uses on the site to meet everyone’s needs.”

The design process begins with stakeholder consultations and will be developed to achieve a consensus. The Museum plans to issue more information to the public after the consultations are completed.