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Please fill this form and submit when contacting the Communications Department requesting access to film or photograph in the Museum.

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Please Note:
The visitor experience is paramount and as such, the ROM will not close off an exhibit or gallery to comply with filming/photography. All cables must be secured with cable trays  or non-stick "gaffer" tape and we prohibit any close-up photography or filming of Museum visitors. Published images of the ROM or footage must be accompanied by appropriate credit lines. All filmings and photoshoots using tripods must be accompanied at all times by a member of the ROM’s Communications Department. As such, the vast majority of these projects are only scheduled on weekdays, during business hours. Projects requiring less filming time will also be given precedence.

If photography or filming is not deemed promotional to the Museum, you will be directed to the appropriate ROM department to discuss the rental of space.

As a general rule, we are unable to offer parking at the ROM. Drop off or pick up of equipment in the loading dock on the south side of the building can be requested in advance, but can only be guaranteed upon arrival. Please be advised that paid parking is available near the ROM on Bedford Road, Yorkville Avenue and Cumberland Street.

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